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Collaboration with visual artist Viviana Cárdenas



Relámpago is a pop-up drawing club that welcomes artists and non-specialized audiences. We think of our encounters as a playground to indulge in the joy of drawing and a space to foster temporary collaboration. In our drawing sessions we approach diverse theme as prompts to experiment with the boundless possibilities of drawing. Relámpago is both a moment to be playful with drawing in its expanded field and a platform that -even if temporary- sparks the importance of community by working together to imagine, discuss and create different possible worlds.

We decided the name of the project should speak about our shared background as we both come from Latin America. Relámpago means lightning in Spanish, a word that portrays the desire to cause an ephemeral shock wave that rapidly expands and vibrates.


Club de dibujo.jpg
Tortilla drawing club_2.JPG
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